Welcome to the Analytical Paleobiology Workshop. On this webpage you will find the basic schedule, links to the study material and the exercises. The summer school is sponsored by the Paleosynthesis Project.


Dates Module Instructor(s)
Aug. 22-23 1. Toolset A. Kocsis, N. Raja
Aug. 24-25 2. Paleodiversity analyses W. Kiessling, E. Dunne
Aug. 26-27 3. Geometric Morphometrics M. Weinkauf
Aug. 28 –Break–  
Aug. 29 4. GIS Basics in R A. Kocsis
Aug. 30-31 5. Global diversity dynamics E. Dunne, A. Kocsis, C. Reddin
Sep. 1-2 6. Capture-Mark-Recapture methods L. H. Liow
Sep. 3-4 –Break–  
Sep. 5-7 7. Phylogenetics R. Warnock, L. Mulvey
Sep. 8-9 8. Niche modelling E. Saupe

Code of conduct

You can download the code of conduct here.