Niche Modelling Schedule.


Day 1

Spatial Subsampling.

Why ENM?.

ENM Theory.

Occurrence Data I.

Occurrence Data II.

Climate Data.

Day 2

Calibration Region.

ENM Models.

Evaluation I.

Evaluation II.

Model Transfer & Extrapolation.

Niche Comparisons.

Analysis Software.


Day 1

Spatial subsampling

Read this first Analytical explanation.

Then work through the divvy vignette.

Filtering occurrences

Start with R script 1.

Then do R script 2.

R script 2 requires this environmental data.

Build your own climate

Play around with building your own climate model.

Day 2

SDM R Package vignette

Work through this R script.

Niche overlap analyses

Work through this R script.

The R script reqiures niche and environmental data. Please download the entire folder.


Work through this R script.


Work through this R script.